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Owner Operator LMIA could be a special class of applications within the TFWP whereby a self-employed individual wishing to enter Canada can do so by purchasing or establishing a business. A remote national would be considered to be an Owner-Operator if they establish that they need a controlling interest in the business and can't be fired/dismissed (only answerable to themselves). Interest consistent with guidelines and policy may be established by either: purchasing a business and be involved in its day-to-day operations (being a sole proprietor), by being the bulk shareholder (least 50.1% total shares), or by providing an official document confirming that they hold the bulk interest (even if they don’t hold 50.1% of total shares). There's no minimum specified percentage of shares to be held by a distant national to be considered an Owner-Operator. In cases, where there are multiple owners of a business, the biggest shareholder or the equal shareholder is designated because the “employer” must apply for LMIAs to Service Canada for the opposite co-owners as “workers”.

Individuals who only receive shares (less than to determine the controlling interest) as a part of a compensation package don't seem to be subject to the term Owner-Operator. The foreign nationals must demonstrate that they need the interest before submitting their application and for the duration of their employment in Canada.

The Owner-Operated LMIA stream could be a suitable choice to facilitate admission to Canada as an overseas worker which might become a path to permanent residency at a later stage. Although the appliance and assessment process may be rigorous (as there are specific guidelines on the minimum level of investment required or the relevant business experience that the applicant should demonstrate to be approved), if the project is genuine and a comprehensive business plan is submitted, the issuance of a positive LMIA and official document to a far off national may be a possibility given the high approval rate of LMIA applications normally. the long run looks promising as under Citizenship and Immigration Canada‘s (CIC) 2018 Immigration Plan (from now to 2020), about 565,000 newcomers are going to be admitted through Canada’s economic immigration programs including Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

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